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Morgan, this one’s for you!

NeverEnding Story
NeverEnding Story II
Tuck Everlasting
Bourne Identity

These are the movies I rented today from Movie Gallery. Man, I wish you were here!

How will I explain to the littles why I am crying watching NES?

Planning the day

Saturday= grocery store, clean sheets, a full house tidy and this particular Saturday dealing with this:

AND a birthday party.

I will post another picture when I am done. Ya’ll just cheer me on as you go about having fun today, ok?

Fiber stuff: working on a slant stitch square for the cotton squares blanket.

Time to pull the plug on the TV, and get the kids going on their jobs for today.

Credit where credit is due – Gore airlifts Katrina victims out of New Orleans – Sep 9, 2005

Gore responded immediately, telephoning Kline and agreeing to underwrite the $50,000 each for the two flights, although Larry Flax, founder of California Pizza Kitchens, later pledged to pay for one of them.

“None of the airlines involved required a contract or any written guarantee of payment before sending their planes and volunteer crews,” Simon wrote of the American Airlines flights. “One official said if Gore promised to pay, that was good enough for them.”

He also recruited two doctors, Spickard and Gore’s cousin, retired Col. Dar LaFon, a specialist in internal medicine who once ran the military hospital in Baghdad.

Most critically, Gore worked to cut through government red tape, personally calling Gov. Phil Bredesen to get Tennessee’s support and U.S. Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta to secure landing rights in New Orleans.

Man, twice this week I’ve had to say something nice about Democrats. Geez!

Got that stuff done…

a couple hours ago, at least. And, then, because I know you count on me to keep you informed (HA!), I surfed a bit. Todays news will warm your heart, make your hair stand on end, and…..whatever comes in the middle of those.

“Here I was really shocked because I’m a big fan of Celine, I wasn�t shocked because she criticized Bush’s policy but oh my god not in this na�ve and superficial way. She can be against the war (I think too many are) but saying “to kill everyone” well who’s everyone I’m still alive and many others in my country! And most of the killing in Iraq are done by the terrorist groups not by the American army, I’m not about to defend the American army way of acting or what I think about Bush and his policy maybe I will do this in another article.”

Sooni is new blogger, an Iraqi. Nothing like hearing from the horse’s mouth, eh? Go ahead. Click it. You know you want to :)

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

Added this blog to my must-read list today. No, don;t look in the sidebar, he’s not there yet. But he will be when I update it again.

Wendy Knits!
“We are getting lots of information at work on ways to help with recovery and rebuilding in the aftermath of Katrina, which is very much a good thing. As far as I’m concerned, for the present and for the forseeable future, I am donating matching funds to relief efforts for every yarn purchase I make.”

Great idea, Wendy. I’m there!

Louisiana Libertarian: Katrina thoughts
Since I returned back to Louisiana, I’ve been volunteering at the FEMA distribution center in Slidell at the old Wal-Mart (I-10 and Gauze Boulevard).

Another first person view. Not real pretty. Truth is hard to read. And sometimes to write.

I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp – Above Top Secret Conspiracy Community
“I’m extremely depressed to report that things seem to only be getting sadder concerning the people so devastatingly affected by Katrina last week. Two car loads of us headed over to Falls Creek, a youth camp for Southern Baptist churches in Oklahoma that agreed to have its facilities used to house Louisiana refugees. I’m afraid the camp is not going to be used as the kind people of the churches who own the cabins believe it was going to be used.

Jesse Jackson was right when he said “refugees” was not the appropriate word for the poor souls dislocated due to Katrina. But he was wrong about why it is not appropriate. It’s not appropriate because they are detainees, not refugees. ”

This is the one that made my hair stand on end.

And finally, CNN says that FEMA director Mike Brown will be replaced (in Louisiana). Chertoff is picking the successor, though, so who know what will happen with that, Chertoff being part of the bureaucracy.

I think I can safely admit now, that this was a mistake. FEMA really should be it’s own entity. DHS needs to stand alone, too. This combining just added layers of paperwork which do little but delay aid to those who need it yesterday. Before you “libruls” dance with glee, Hillary voted to do it. Just so ya know.

Handling an Addiction

Ya’ll know it’s true. I’m a junkie. Put some needles in my hand, and it’s like crack. So, before I knit today, I am going to tidy up my recently de-cluttered areas and get the laundry going. I will also write that schedule I talked about last week, and take a picture for the stash page that I forgot yesterday. It’s just my assorted charity wool, but, it’s stash, LOL!

Then, and only then will I pick up the crack string. | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Local News | News for New Orleans, Louisiana | Local News
3:36 P.M. – CAPITOL HILL (AP): The House has overwhelmingly approved a $52 billion emergency aid package for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The vote was 410-to-11, with all 11 ‘no’ votes coming from Republicans.

Names, I want names! And I want to know why.

Links for my Moonbat Buddy:

Radio Blogger
Interview with Red Cross

Blanco yesterday.

Linda Chavez

Scroll down for the Nagin interview.

Pretty Damning photographic evidence of incompetence. Note the day Blanco authorized the use of school buses.

Your Wingnut Pal


Here’s what it looks like worked up. I did a garter stitch thing first,and I think I liked it better, because it comes out much rounder as opposed to triangular. Told ya I would not be able to keep my hands off of it 😛

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