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Yarn Shopping

AcMoore yielded yarn for the baby hats (pic on the stash page), and more yarn for the Santa Train Set. No baby yarn, which was what I was hoping to get.

I have a hat on the needles already. I got some of this James C. Brett Marble. I’ve been wondering how it would work up.

Also saw at Jo-Anns some huge balls of Sensation, I think it was. I believe it would work up stripey. I plan to try some out.


So, I am sitting here trying to decide what gets my attention, fiber-wise, next. I have to do the Saturday choring. Why don’t you look over there in the sidebar under “current stitches” and let me know what you wanna see next?

The Janey

Several years ago my paternal aunt died from metasticized cancer that had started in her breast. Before it killed her, it was present in every major organ. She lost her life, but not her faith, not her sense of humor.

This past spring the WAHMs at Wooly Wonder Forums teamed up to raise money for breast cancer research. We auctioned “sets” of soakers, one soaker per season for a year, and there were at least 8 sets. I volunteeered a soaker, and this is my offering, to be mailed shortly.

This one is for Aunt Janey. And her sister, Rowena. And her daughter, Michelle. And my mother, Nellie. And me. And my 4 daughters.

Silk Purse

Made with Lamb’s Pride, using EZ’s naglar recipe. It’s a big hit with DS#2. I saw these buttons online at denver fabrics, and said “DS#2!!”. Yes, I shouted to myself, it’s ok, I’m like that. But I did use his name when I did it. 😉 He’s been waiting since I finished the sweaters for his brothers, some times more patiently than others. He missed that round of knitting because I did not have the yarn I wanted for the sweater. I’m pleased with it, if the length lasts through the winter. I may have to lengthen it before winter is over, though. And of course, he shall have a tam like the others!

Midwife Report and News

Heartrate 142, BP 130/70, eat boiled eggs. That’s fine, I actually like those :)

Work on the sow’s ears continues, and I think I’ll be showing you a silk purse tonight or tomorrow.

My head has been stopped up for 3 days now. I’d really like to hear again, LOL!

Have anew cell phone coming. Called to down-grade the unlimited plan to one just for emergency use, and he told me I had to have a new phone, because the technology on this old one has been bypassed. At least the number won’t change, but I am betting it will take me a month to learn how to turn the phone on. I got the plain phone, no camera, no ipod, no pda, just the phone, thanks.

The Anchoress � Blanco�s refusal at the core of the chaos

Well done article, no screaming, brilliant as I have come to expect from The Anchoress.

COUNTERCOLUMN: All your bias are belong to us

Good reading for anyone who has not been in the military, or those who need a refresher of what it’s like.

Sow’s Ear

Here we have a sow’s ear that needs to be made into a silk purse.

All the knitting is done!

Ophelia left sometime in the night. We have a few shingles gone, and that’s it.


I am just posting to let you know I think the worst is over. The wind is not as strong, but it’s still raining. Of course, the storm is very wide, so we are expecting rain most of tomorrow.

In Wilmington, the next town over, water is almost fire hydrant high in some areas. Those same areas flood after a regular hard rain. Sloped streets are unheard of here in paradise 😛

Several areas have curfews in place now, some starting as early as 6pm.

Both sleeves are now on the sweater, correctly, and I am working on the collar. I was right, I could trust EZ, the shoulders are fine :)

We watched NES II, and frankly, it stinks compared to the original. The special effects are not, the child-like Empress is not as pretty, and the boy they chose for Bastian is…….well, girly. OTOH, Tuck Everlasting was very satisfactory.

Hi again!

We ate lunch in the dark, then the power came back on. I finished the sweater sleeve, called DS#2 over to try it on and realized I had put the seam in the top instead of the underarm. Ripped that all out, and am re-doing it.

The water is not standing here yet, though we are still under flood watch. Weather man says about 6 hours to go. Many without power. They are still asking folks to evacuate, mainly those who experienced flooding with Isabella and Alex, as they expect those areas to flood again, only more-so. Expected to become a Cat 2 before landfall (not here).

Obviously, I have power, and we did not flood before, so………back to that sleeve.

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