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Ok, I put last night’s score on the yarn hutch. It’s official. I can buy no more yarn until I use up a bunch. There is no more room!!

I went to the stash page and counted the total. 112 balls/hanks, *not* including work, charity, wip or sock yarn. Whoa! Now, a bunch of this is for my next batch of projects, but, umm, still. Ok, stop!

Yarn-y, yarn, yarn!

Ya’ll do come her to read about fiber and needles, yes?
Here’s the score from last night:
Yarn to match Hidden treasure :check
Yarn to match Rich Royal Blue: check
Yarn to match Kat’s pants: sorta check, she’s ordering it
Baby yarn: no
Brown yarn for sweater: uh, no. I had been thinking as I worked up the Dune that the brown was NOT going to cut it, in spite of how good it looked while the Dune was still in a ball. I was soooooo right on that, but check this out:

I also go this in the mail yesterday. I bought it for no reason.

Well, yes, I had a reason. I needed yarn from knitpicks for the biz, and refused to pay shipping. So, I just started at teh top of the Wool of the Andes page, putting yarn in the cart til I hit $30 on the order. $2 bucks a ball is a good price :)

As far as actual knitting last night, I finished off the second ball for the lace sweater. Did I ever mention that it’s sock yarn?

And realized my “newborn” hats, are too big, inspite of my following the directions. That will be frog and re-knit, thanks.

Knitting Group Tonight!

I’ll need to pack my basket later, but this is what I need to take (so I don’t forget anything)
Dune collar for show and tell and to work on
Pattern for the ballet wrap to go under said collar (Hope to get the yarn tonight)
Kat’s pants that need lengthening (Hope to get the yarn tonight)
Hidden Treasure yarn I just dyed (Hope to get coordinating yarn tonight)
I’ll be looking for baby yarn, too.

G’ Morning!

I can’t think of much to say.
Dh mailed my sock pal’s socks yesterday.
The Janey will go out today.
I’m still a snot nose.
It takes for-ev-ah to knit 13 inch pant legs.
I need more coffee.

Better late……..

Here is the blanket with 2 repeats done:

I will make another nb hat, then turn my attention to finishing Kate’s order. But since my mom came this morning, and I did not do my chores, perhaps I better do those first. We talked about the Santa Train Set. And we decide that $130 of yarn was just a bigger investment that we are comfortable making for one set. The blanket alone would take 10 hanks at $8.95 a hank. So, we are skipping the blanket and going with just a sweater and hat. We’ll be able do a couple sets this way. We’ll either exchange some of the yarn we have already purchased for other colors, or make them all the same colors.


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Got the hat finished. Grocery shooping is done. Dh has taken the kids to rehearsal, bless his heart. I took a nap, and it did help some. I’ll start some yarn dyeing in a few minutes and then work some more DD#4’s baby blanket. Poor babay, she’s the only one that I did not have a blanket ready for at birth.

I’ve pretty much decided on green for this new baby’s color, and am taking yarn suggestions. Got any? I need something that can take washing and lots of it. And that I can afford a blanket’s worth of 😉

Oh my head!

It’s so full of gunk that there is no room for air!

Anyhoo, I got one nb hat made last night, and most of another. Aside from being acrylic, the yarn is nice. I think she is planning for these to be “first hats” in which case they need to be able to stand up to a vigorous washing. I like that my midwife loves color! I am not limited to pink and blue, nor to pastels. I can rock on this :) I’ll probably finish that second hat today, and then work on DD’s blanket some more. If my head cooperates.

I am going to tidy my clean zones directly and then go grocery shopping. I would like to add to those organized and spiffed up areas of the house, and I will. As soon as I can bend over without my head throbbing. And it’s been that way for a couple of weeks now.

Have I mentioned my head *at least once per paragraph* ? Let me throw in one more reference: I am very displeased with the amount of ewww in my head.

Other stuff to do today:
Get my sock pal’s package ready. It’s going to Canada.
Dye yarn for a couple of orders
Kid’s musical practice at 6

365 and a Wakeup

365 and a Wakeup
The Abattoir

In combat you can easily become inured to tragedy, but every once in awhile you see something that burns through the mental armor and leaves you reeling. Such was the case today. Before this starts I should warn you this is not an appropriate post for all readers.

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