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Nothing to say!

Not a word! Move along!

J/K, but really there is not much to report. I did get half a sleeve on the wee sweater, and am about half done with the top of my tam. Neither is really in a picture-able state. but that may be remedied by days end. Do you like to see pics of stuff in process, or just finished things? Me, I like pictures, but I hate to bore you to tears, too.

I have not done more than read the headlines the past few days. It’s not that I don’t care what’s going on, this time it is just that I don’t *know* what’s going on. Hopefully, I can fix that today, too.

I have a few minutes to knit before school time, so I’m on it :)

Picture Time!

Here is the basket of yarn for current stitches:

And, these are my lovely!!!!! sockapaltwoza socks, knit by the talented Ingrid at I’d Rather Be Knitting. They are perfect! She’s from Colorado, and it was so nice to be reminded of the beauty of the mountains by her writing and postcards.

It’s still a little warm here yet to wear these beauties, but winter’s coming 😉

Busy day

I stayed up way too late last night! If you look in the side bar, you’ll notice the new projects are up :) Most of the “currents” are pretty quick, so I hope to have them done by the end of October.

I have the first Santa Train sweater ready for sleeves. And I started the square tam in pink for me. I have already started Paula’s order this morning. I need to dye up more yarn today, so I can get that out the door, as well as the usual daily stuff.

I hope to post later tonight with a pic or two!


2 balls of Dune Trendsetter in color 71 on size 10 needles. The collar is about 14.5 inches long, and 150 stitches wide. I am leaving it on the needles until I get the sweater made, and determine how to best bind-off/attach it. At this point, I am thinking I will bind-off in the sweater yarn, for less visible seaming.

I cast on about 5 stitches, and worked in stockinette, increasing 2 stitches on both sides of each right side row.

You know what this means, right? Look over in the sidebar. One hat for the midwife, and finish the Santa Train sweater and it’s time to pick new projects. Yay!!! I have to put the rest of Kat’s order on hold because I am waiting on yarn.

I have been so good. I have not touched the new yarny goodness. But that sweater better knit up quick, LOL. The body is about 1/2 done, so it should not take long.


Yarn, gads of it! Check out the stash page for details! I got the yarn I needed for the rest of the projects under “waiting” except the sweaters for DD#1 and DH. AND I GOT BABY YARN!

Let’s Go!

I know I said I could buy no more yarn till I use some. I even told Mama last night I did not want to go to the yarn store. I’ve changed my mind. I wanna go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to get most of the yarn I need for the “Waiting Stitches” over there on the sidebar. You’ll see I re-did that section. Again. The “Ongoing Stitches” are those bigger projects that I just want to maintain progress on. No time frame for completion. The tortoise wins the race type things :)

“Current Stitches” are those smaller projects that I can whip up in a reasonable time. Of course, the “Waiting” will move up as all those things already there get a “DONE” :)

So, Mama, call me; I want to go to Southport. :)

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Allergies! and WIP thoughts

I think I know what has been causing my allergies to flare up. Stay tuned till Monday, I can let you know then :)

I got the square of squares completed on the patchwork blanket last night. It has not changed alot since you last saw it, except that it’s square again, instead of having a big gap in that round. I’ll need at least 2 more cones of the variegated to finish it. That’s just for the squares. I don’t know how much more I’ll need for the not-squares sections.

I’ve been thinking about that wool I bought from knitpicks. I do love a blanket, don’t you? What if I ordered the rest of the colors, and just made a striped blanket? Hmmm? We all cozy up in them on cool evenings, and the small quilt things we now have are too small for “cozy”. besides which, the handmade ones are the first claimed, LOL! Guess that extra mom-love ups the cozy factor or something :)

Ok, almost time for school!

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