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No Catchy Title

So, the Roberts Era has begun.

And the NYT (I think, it might have been someone else) reports that the Delay indictment probably won’t stand, because he’s not actually guilty of the charges. Some other newspaper that I failed to get the link to reports that this same DA once indicted an 11 yo girl for murder, after obtaining a pseudo-confession from her, without benefit of either counsel or parents. Real gem, there.

I’m not saying that Delay is all sweetness and light. He probably has numerous skeletons in the closet, but this one isn’t it. His major indictable crime seems to be effectiveness. He gets the job done, and the Dems hate that. I can hear the teeth gnashing now………Plamegate fades into oblivion because Rove really didn’t do anything wrong. Now Delay will fade as well.

Hmm, here is a suggestion: Quit trying to hang the Republicans, and get a real platform for your party. On second thought, don’t. 😛

And just why did Barak Obama vote “no” on Roberts? I was thinking that here was a Dem that I could maybe respect, but…… No on a man with impeccable credentials, more brains that I could pack into a large suitcase, and a cute dancing kid to boot. I expected a no vote from Hillary, Ted and John, but Barak? Whatever.

On the knitting front, I think I can promise a FO to you later today, thought the pic may wait until tomorrow. The Santa Train sweater needs one more round on the sleeve, and bind-off, and buttons. Then the ends (all 4 or 5 of them) need weaving in. Think I can get that done today?

I have been working on the cotton blanket each night for the past several. I calculated out that I need to get this round of colors in, then one more round of squares, and it should be done. It’s 44 inches square now. Wanna see? Ok, hold on.

The “stick” the near the middle is actually the crochet hook. I’ve noticed that I have more crochet projects up this time that knit ones. You know the best part of being a switch hitter? I never have to look at a pattern and say, “Oh, but it’s for (insert fiber craft), so I can’t do it.”

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