sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Midwife Report and News

Heartrate 142, BP 130/70, eat boiled eggs. That’s fine, I actually like those :)

Work on the sow’s ears continues, and I think I’ll be showing you a silk purse tonight or tomorrow.

My head has been stopped up for 3 days now. I’d really like to hear again, LOL!

Have anew cell phone coming. Called to down-grade the unlimited plan to one just for emergency use, and he told me I had to have a new phone, because the technology on this old one has been bypassed. At least the number won’t change, but I am betting it will take me a month to learn how to turn the phone on. I got the plain phone, no camera, no ipod, no pda, just the phone, thanks.

The Anchoress � Blanco�s refusal at the core of the chaos

Well done article, no screaming, brilliant as I have come to expect from The Anchoress.

COUNTERCOLUMN: All your bias are belong to us

Good reading for anyone who has not been in the military, or those who need a refresher of what it’s like.

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