sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


It’s the day after. You know, that one after you take a day off? It sure is hard to get back in to the groove, isn’t it?

The vest is almost completed. I expect to finish it today or tomorrow. I’ll be taking my box of goods to knitting group tomorrow so people can add anything they want sent, and I’ll pick up the postage for us all.

Today, I want to get the pantry done, since I never got to it on Friday, and moving around the living room, the movie/biz hutch is next. I also need to tranfer funds to my personal paypal and then to the bank, so my greedy, money-grubbing, ulteriorly-motivated self can write another check to the Red Cross, via Lowes, who, btw, has upped their matching funds to 2 million dollars :)

I also intend to do a full school day.

I’ll try to be back late today with more biting wit, and rapier-like sarcasm. Failing that, I’ll just mention the vest again :)

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