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The American Princess

The American Princess

Before you jump on me for being an extremist, which I probably am, lets put what Bennett said into different words.

Lots of pro-choicers really like the recent studies that link the availablity of abortions to a decrease in crime. Most of the people who have abortions are minority women (black women, for the most part). If its true that most of the abortions have been of black people, and crime has gone down as a result, than that means that, with logical conclusion, black people are mainly responsible for crime, because less of them means less crime. The logical conclusion? If you want to end crime, end black people.

Sounds pretty racist and/or classist right? Well, its the position of almost every pro-choicer, they just don’t want to admit it. Its the position of anyone who touts that study as a reason for the continuance of abortion at all, whether they like it or not. Bennett just happened to get it out to the airwaves.

Yeah, go read the rest.

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