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Check in!

(WAVES) We’re here and fine. The power has blinked a couple of times, the first at around 5 am. I had a restless night, waking often (no surprise), so I was awake when the power went the first time.

We are under flood watch, so dh is home for the day. We’ll all snuggle in the living room and watch movies. And I’ll knit, of course.

Stolen Thunder: Accusation, Revealed
Interesting viewpoint. – Red Cross: State rebuffed relief efforts – Sep 8, 2005
Red Cross story on CNN, a “reputable” news source 😉

The Political Teen � Blanco Screws Up With Troops – Proof on Camera! (VIDEO)
Just what it says. Iraqi, U.S. troops find bomb factory
Really? Do tell!! –
‘People making decisions hesitated’ – Sep 13, 2005

In the aftermath, the questions grew sharper: Why did aerial shots of the flooded city show hundreds of school and city buses window-deep in water? Why hadn’t anyone used those buses to move people out? Did Amtrak really offer residents seats on trains the company moved out of harm’s way? And if so, who refused that offer and why?

MSM finally picked up the school buses, and several more questionable things.

Knitting yesterday:
body on the pants done
shawl re-started
a few rows on the Santa Train set

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