sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Yarn-y, yarn, yarn!

Ya’ll do come her to read about fiber and needles, yes?
Here’s the score from last night:
Yarn to match Hidden treasure :check
Yarn to match Rich Royal Blue: check
Yarn to match Kat’s pants: sorta check, she’s ordering it
Baby yarn: no
Brown yarn for sweater: uh, no. I had been thinking as I worked up the Dune that the brown was NOT going to cut it, in spite of how good it looked while the Dune was still in a ball. I was soooooo right on that, but check this out:

I also go this in the mail yesterday. I bought it for no reason.

Well, yes, I had a reason. I needed yarn from knitpicks for the biz, and refused to pay shipping. So, I just started at teh top of the Wool of the Andes page, putting yarn in the cart til I hit $30 on the order. $2 bucks a ball is a good price :)

As far as actual knitting last night, I finished off the second ball for the lace sweater. Did I ever mention that it’s sock yarn?

And realized my “newborn” hats, are too big, inspite of my following the directions. That will be frog and re-knit, thanks.

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