sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Made it to church this morning. The rehearsals for the children’s Christmas musical starts tonight, so we’ll be going back for that.

Went to ACMoore, and picked up some Auracania Nature Wool for some things for the Appalachia Santa Train. My mom and I are collaborating on a set. I am going to make a sweater and hat, pants if I have time, and she will make a baby blanket. This will be her first foray into wool. She plans to hate it, but I have a feeling once she feels that alive fiber (as opposed to lifeless acrylic) under her fingers, she’ll be pleased.

We went around a bit over the yarn choice. Easy care would be a definite plus, and they did have some nice looking acrylic. But it gets so cold in the mountains there. I settled it by putting a skein of acrylic in one of her hands, and wool in the other. “See how this yarn sucks the heat out of your hand, but this one gives it back?” And she did, so we went with wool. It’s a real pretty teal-y yarn, very similar to my Rich Royal Blue.

The things need to be there by November 16, so we have time, but I wanted to get started, because I hate pressure! When I make my goals list this coming year, I am going to add in the benevolence knitting, so I can get in all I want to do.

Dh is getting ready to tie down the shed and trampoline, as we prepare to greet Ophelia. They are still clueless as to what she will actually do, although the Wilmington paper’s Sunday edition practically promised a 2pm Tuesday landfall in Holden Beach, with winds of 90mph. Notice that the paper is sent to print on Saturday evening, but hey, whatever. Wonder if they can let me borrow their magic 8 ball?

We’re not making alot of preparations here. We’ll likely leave for anything more than a low 2. Rest assured, if I hear “mandatory evacuation” my scared white fanny will be outta here. Like the white tailed deer, sorta, yk? If you see the white flash, you better get behind it and start running. As the time grows nearer, we’ll likely lay in a bit more water, and we are filling juice jugs now as we empty them.

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