sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Let’s Go!

I know I said I could buy no more yarn till I use some. I even told Mama last night I did not want to go to the yarn store. I’ve changed my mind. I wanna go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to get most of the yarn I need for the “Waiting Stitches” over there on the sidebar. You’ll see I re-did that section. Again. The “Ongoing Stitches” are those bigger projects that I just want to maintain progress on. No time frame for completion. The tortoise wins the race type things :)

“Current Stitches” are those smaller projects that I can whip up in a reasonable time. Of course, the “Waiting” will move up as all those things already there get a “DONE” :)

So, Mama, call me; I want to go to Southport. :)

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