sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


I am just posting to let you know I think the worst is over. The wind is not as strong, but it’s still raining. Of course, the storm is very wide, so we are expecting rain most of tomorrow.

In Wilmington, the next town over, water is almost fire hydrant high in some areas. Those same areas flood after a regular hard rain. Sloped streets are unheard of here in paradise 😛

Several areas have curfews in place now, some starting as early as 6pm.

Both sleeves are now on the sweater, correctly, and I am working on the collar. I was right, I could trust EZ, the shoulders are fine :)

We watched NES II, and frankly, it stinks compared to the original. The special effects are not, the child-like Empress is not as pretty, and the boy they chose for Bastian is…….well, girly. OTOH, Tuck Everlasting was very satisfactory.

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