sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

It’s raining!

Schizophrenic Ophelia has finally arrived. Our guest is expected to stay 2 days, bringing lots and lots of water, but not much else- at least here.

Yesterday, I finished one sleeve of DS#2 sweater, and started the second. I’ll have to weave the ends on those and seam them before I can finish the top. I am using the “naglar” unpattern by EZ, but I am not sure yet that it will be long enough from the arms to the neck. I should know I can trust her by now, but I am just a doubtful knitter with anything until it’s finished.

I ripped the shawl back to nothing. I found a mistake a few rows back as I was working on it yesterday. It affected the whole of one side of the thing, so out it all came. Just 15 rows, but over 450 stitches per row.

Today, I want to get the body done on the custom pants and work some more on the sleeve of the sweater. And a few rows on the Santa Train sweater, too. I’ll get a pic up of that when I have enough done to see.

Here’s some stuff I found yesterday:

OKCupid! The Shakespeare Character Test

Nick Bottom
You scored 9 evilness, 45 romance, 18 tragic, and 72 comic!
Nick Bottom is an Athenian weaver and acts the part of Pyramus in a
play in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Bottom loves the sound of his own
voice and believes that he is the best actor, even though he often
confuses words. Through magic, he is given an ass’s head and becomes
the object of affection of Titania through a love spell.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 14% on evilness
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You scored higher than 57% on romance
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You scored higher than 0% on tragic
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You scored higher than 99% on comic

Link: The Shakespeare Character Test written by mandi_g on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Jack Kelly: No shame

As usual, it’s fairly easy to tell what the political leanings are from any writer’s words. The right is yelling about local and state foul-ups, while the left is screaming for Bush’s head on a pole. And as usual, I imagine the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Did I mention “as usual”? Used to be the news was a collection of facts, but now the news, all news, is a collection of filtered and colored facts.

Carla, I did glance over that link you sent, and I’ll look over it in detail when I get another quiet moment. I want to compare it to the first thing you sent, the 4?? page one.

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