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Ophelia and Stuff

Ophelia continues to weaken, despite the Star-News promising a direct hit on Holden Beach at 2pm tomorrow. I am sure some transplant wrote that junk, and the editor missed it. See, you can’t predict storms like that, especially slow-moving (non-moving) ones. This may help some of you who don’t live with the threat of hurricanes understand our apparent craziness in waiting and waiting and waiting, and how sometimes we get caught.

We spend this season watching the news, and when the storms are predicted, we think about getting ready. But not too early, because of incidents like this, whether a threatened hurricane peters out to a rain squall. Yes, that’s what they are predicting now, mostly rain.

But the stinking things are tricky. Last year, Isabella was supposed to be really bad, a Cat 3. We laid in supplies. Gallons of water, an evac bin filled with snacks and TP, the whole nine yards. The evac never came, and I ended up using that water to flush the toilets. It had taken it from the tap, see, so it was paid for :) We lost power for 3 hours, phone stayed on, etc. That was it.

Then the next storm, Gaston, I believe, was supposed to be a nothing. We did not make preparations, and it was a wildish ride. The final gusts of that storm took the trampoline across teh field. There was a voluntary evac, but it was only supposed to be a Cat 1, so we elected to stay home. After all, we’d just lived through Isabella the week before. By the time Gaston got here, and we realized how bad it was, we could not leave, for fear the wind would flip the van off the overpass between us and the high school.

So there you have a look inside the mind of a gal in hurricane alley. The fact is you never know for sure until it’s over.

Now dh is fascinated with storms. He was ready for me to start filling water jugs, and he wanted to also fill the bathtub yesterday. I said, in that lazy southern way of mine, “naw, I don’t think so just yet”, and he acquiesced.

Me, I’m thankful for cooler temps (cloud cover) and a nice breeze (never in teh dog days here, except when a storm lingers off teh coast for days on end).

oh, I promised stuff, too, right? So far this morning, I have checked email, folded laundry and started more, and tidied my clean areas. I’m supposed to start teaching in 10 minutes, the baby needs a diaper, and I could use another gallon of coffee.

Knitting-I’ll be working on ds#2’s sweater and some custom pants today.

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