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Here Comes Santa Claus!

It’s a finished object report.

My mom made the hat, and I did the sweater. The yarn is Auracania Nature Wool Chunky in color 120. The pattern is my own, an unpattern, really. Gauge x desired circumference= cast on. Knit sweater. The bands are seed stitch. One new trick I tried was to do the neck shaping with short rows, and I really like how that came out. It will be a standard in my knitter’s bag of handy tricks.

Time to update the side bar 😛

The American Princess

The American Princess

Before you jump on me for being an extremist, which I probably am, lets put what Bennett said into different words.

Lots of pro-choicers really like the recent studies that link the availablity of abortions to a decrease in crime. Most of the people who have abortions are minority women (black women, for the most part). If its true that most of the abortions have been of black people, and crime has gone down as a result, than that means that, with logical conclusion, black people are mainly responsible for crime, because less of them means less crime. The logical conclusion? If you want to end crime, end black people.

Sounds pretty racist and/or classist right? Well, its the position of almost every pro-choicer, they just don’t want to admit it. Its the position of anyone who touts that study as a reason for the continuance of abortion at all, whether they like it or not. Bennett just happened to get it out to the airwaves.

Yeah, go read the rest.

Clapping for myself!

If my whole house looked as good as my living room and work area, I could die a happy woman, snot-headed or no. It’s been detailed, and just finishing touches are left. One set of slipcovers is in the dryer, the other set washing. The rugs need a good shaking and to be brought back in. The dusting is also done. It’s very calm and restful in here now, and we are back to maintenance

I wish the kitchen fairy would come detail in there, ROFL!

No Catchy Title

So, the Roberts Era has begun.

And the NYT (I think, it might have been someone else) reports that the Delay indictment probably won’t stand, because he’s not actually guilty of the charges. Some other newspaper that I failed to get the link to reports that this same DA once indicted an 11 yo girl for murder, after obtaining a pseudo-confession from her, without benefit of either counsel or parents. Real gem, there.

I’m not saying that Delay is all sweetness and light. He probably has numerous skeletons in the closet, but this one isn’t it. His major indictable crime seems to be effectiveness. He gets the job done, and the Dems hate that. I can hear the teeth gnashing now………Plamegate fades into oblivion because Rove really didn’t do anything wrong. Now Delay will fade as well.

Hmm, here is a suggestion: Quit trying to hang the Republicans, and get a real platform for your party. On second thought, don’t. 😛

And just why did Barak Obama vote “no” on Roberts? I was thinking that here was a Dem that I could maybe respect, but…… No on a man with impeccable credentials, more brains that I could pack into a large suitcase, and a cute dancing kid to boot. I expected a no vote from Hillary, Ted and John, but Barak? Whatever.

On the knitting front, I think I can promise a FO to you later today, thought the pic may wait until tomorrow. The Santa Train sweater needs one more round on the sleeve, and bind-off, and buttons. Then the ends (all 4 or 5 of them) need weaving in. Think I can get that done today?

I have been working on the cotton blanket each night for the past several. I calculated out that I need to get this round of colors in, then one more round of squares, and it should be done. It’s 44 inches square now. Wanna see? Ok, hold on.

The “stick” the near the middle is actually the crochet hook. I’ve noticed that I have more crochet projects up this time that knit ones. You know the best part of being a switch hitter? I never have to look at a pattern and say, “Oh, but it’s for (insert fiber craft), so I can’t do it.”



Today, American forces in the city of Kerbala officially handed over security responsibilities to Iraqi army and police units in the city.
This makes Kerbala the second Iraqi province that undergoes this transition of power after a similar step was taken in Najaf nearly two months ago.
The event which was attended by military and civil officials from both parties also included a parade for the Iraqi units that are going to assume responsibility for peace keeping tasks in Kerbala.
Unfortunately no web links are available at the moment as the only source that reported the news was Al-Hurra TV. However web links will be added to this piece once available.

Why does the MSM refuse to pick this stuff up? Oh, right, it doesn’t fit into their predermined outcome of failure in Iraq.

See my hat?

Whaddya mean, it doesn’t look like a hat? Of course it does! Well, it will at any rate. And according to the pattern it looks exactly as it should at this point. I ran out of the ball of yarn exactly as I finished this piece. How rare is that? The stitch pattern is called flat knot.

I worked abit on the cotton patch blanket last night. I’ll show you a pic, soon.

I did not “charge!” after lunch yesterday. My get up and go just got up and went. But I feel ok today again, so I’ll do a quick tidy on the clean areas, and hopefully make some forward progress.

Lunchtime Update

All previously cleaned areas (from the last “great cleaning project”) now reclaimed. Laundry caught up (and put away), except the load of towels in the washer. AND I am one inch from starting the legs on these pants. Yay me!! Time for lunch, then I’ll CHARGE!!! again.


I woke up this morning feeling the closest to normal, (or at least what passes for normal for me, LOL) that I have for about a month. In honor of that, I am taking a mental health day from school and having the kids do the minimum.

I have put the short rows in the seat of the custom pants I am working on, and I’ll be alternating between cleaning this house and knitting today. I am so excited to be able to clean. How funny is that? But when I don’t feel well for so long, I get a bit depressed. Then the little extras don’t get done, because I am sick, and the house slips into disarray, and I get more depressed. It’s a vicious cycle.

Time to get some praise music on, and boogie through that laundry room and kitchen!

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