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Thwarted Again!

I had made up my mind to order Loop-d-Loop and had it and KnitLit in my cart at . They offer free shipping with a $25 in book purchases. And they take paypal. But when I got ready to pay, I had to add a credit card to my paypal account. I choose to not do that. So I can’t order my books today. Wahhhhhhh.

I should be up cleaning my house. But instead, I am going to finish the knitting on these custom pants, so I can wash them up. Then I can knit the embellishment while they dry.

I am at a standstill on the vest thing. I am about through with the stripes I had planned, and need to decide what to do next. I really like the black and colored stripes, though. I am thinking about finishing it in black. We’ll see.

I am really leaning toward buying the palette collection from Knitpicks. It’s a real bargain, but I wonder about that much fingering weight yarn.

Ah, the joys of contemplation.

I upgraded to WP 1.5.2. Can you tell?

I am also thinking of going to a 3 column layout. Are ya’ll interested in seeing what I am reading, knitting, etc? I really like this layout, because it is so pretty. But the sidebar is getting pretty crowded. Should I make separate pages of the links, so I can put more info about ME, ME, ME in the sidebar? Should I make separate pages for ME, ME, ME and keep the sidebar as it is? Tell me what you think, dear readers. I wouldn’t ask if I did not want to know :)

Oh, yeah, that MEME!

I forgot Fee tagged me for this. I am suppose to list 7 songs that I am into, adn then tag 7 people. I really don’t listen to much music. I do have cds, I just…..never put them in the player, but, I’ll list a few anyway. By artist, LOL, not song.

  • Anything by Josh Groban
  • Anything Mark O’Connor
  • Anything Elvis
  • Anything Southern Gospel

All the rest is just “background noise” to me, but these make me perk up and listen. And for me taggees, I’ll accept all volunteers.

Happy Birthday!

Confederate Yankee

Interestingly enough, some of the very same people that have been most outspoken in their belief that President Bush should meet again with Cindy Sheehan, have a decidedly different take on Gary Qualls’ request to meet and debate with her.

With quotes from DU, the CY strikes again.
I am looking to know what weight yarn is used for the short-row fairisle sweater in Loop-d-Loop. I’m considering ordering the book, and yarn for it, but I want to order it at the same time.

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DS#3, who is a whopping big FOUR today.

A Little Linkie-Love

A new Dulaan year has started. There’s a new button too! So, warm a body, and your own heart at the same time.

Scrappleface has some things to say.


This sure needed to be said. H/T : Baldilocks

LaShawn Barber has a word on pain today.

Ann has started blogging about her husband’s cancer, and it’s effects on the household.

Hey Alison, lookie here!

After I posted yesterday, what with the a/c out and all, I did do a little cotton crocheting. See?
This will be the project to use up leftover cottons and acrylics. Yes, i still use some, rarely, and I have a couple balls left over from days of yore, as well.

But, here is the big news.
Riddle me this: What’s small enough to knit in oppressive heat?
What’s black and white and red all over?
A picture being worth a thousand words, I present to you:
These feel so good. I’ll give them a wash today, and then pet them until I have to send them to I can’t say her name out loud. I lover them! The cuffs, heels and toes were made with Bebe Lang superwash, and the rest with Fortissima Colori in 2407. The cuff pattern can be found on p.80 of Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. The toes and heels are shirt-row garter stitch, which is explained in Lucy Neatby’s Cool Socks ~Warm Feet. I’ll get a pair in exchange though, and I already have the b/w cuff and red leg of one opposite sock made.

Now, the rest of the day, I need to work on the pants i could not touch yesterday. I also need to clean (that’s perpetual). My kitchen has been justthisshort of really clean for a couple weeks now. I need to finish up the nagging details, eh? And school, and regular chores, etc.

Weather Report

Temp: 74
Projected high: 88
Humidity: 95%
Breeze: none to speak of
A/C: kaput

The man says he can get here this morning. The windows are open. In the meantime, we are already melting. We’ll be doing nothing until it’s fixed.

Knitting will consist of crocheting. Cotton. Little squares.

UPDATE: as of 11:28, we have cold air. It was the wiring.

The rest of my knitting friends

Longhorn Diva seems to be MIA. She sent her child to Kindergarten and hasn’t been heard from since.

CarolinaGirl blogs about her knitting and her children. Today, she’s introducing us to some of her favorite reads.

The Knitting Curmudgeon is just that. Enter at your own risk.

Teresa is not a frequent blogger, but that gal can knit. She’s a WAHM, the owner of Little Turtle Knits

Elayne is doing some wonderful dye work these days, in spite of what she thinks.

Knitting Wench is not just a knitter. But this post made me realize I really do want some Koigu. Really. Yes.

I told you Lisa was writing a book. Here is where she blogs about that.

Loopy is lots of fun. She calls herself a beginner, but that’s debatable.

Krazi Knitter lives in North Carolina. She just completed a move.

Well, that’s all the knitter’s I have up just now. I’ll start introducing you to some right-thinking folks next time I do this :)

I wanna…

knit the short-row fair-isle pullover from Loop-d-Loop. Of course, I don’t even have the book, but hey, whatever. While you are shopping, this would be good, too.

know how many people have to wrongfully die before this guy agrees that there is a problem: Said Scheidegger, “I wouldn’t say that 20 or 30 cases out of 8,000 constitutes a broken system.”

know when we are going to seriously address the issue of illegal aliens in this country.

know why, at this relatively late stage of pregnancy, at least as far as nausea goes, I am today too sick to eat my lunch.

know why there aren’t 2 of me, so I could knit all day, AND do the other stuff I should do.

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