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Who? Come again? – Specter concerned with Supreme Court’s ‘judicial activism’ – Aug 24, 2005

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter plans to use the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts to criticize what he calls the high court’s judicial activism, saying Tuesday that justices have started acting as a “super legislature.”

“I am concerned about the Supreme Court’s judicial activism which has usurped congressional authority,” Specter, R-Pennsylvania, said in a letter to Roberts, who will face senators’ questions at his confirmation hearing that begins September 6.

Specter warned Roberts at the beginning of the month that he would be questioned about the Supreme Court’s attitudes toward Congress. In Tuesday’s letter, Specter said he wants the nominee to talk to him about “manufactured rationales used by the Supreme Court to exercise the role of super legislature and make public policy decisions which is the core congressional role under the Constitution.

Whoa! Who are you and what have you done with the real Arlen Specter? And is this a permanent replacement?

Classy Dame?

I got the rest of the Finished Objects pages done. Do you prefer more words or less words? Consider that the pages are commentable. Never mind, you can’t have less anymore.

Many, many thanks to Carla’s Dh for the work on the site. He’s a gem :)

Carole Lombard
You scored 19% grit, 19% wit, 38% flair, and 33% class!
You’re a little bit of a fruitcake, but you always act out in style.
You have a good sense of humor, are game for almost anything, but you
like to have nice things about you and are attracted to the high life.
You’re stylish and modern, but you’ve got a few rough edges that keep
you from attaining true sophistication. Your leading men include
William Powell, Fredric March, and Clark Gable. Watch out for small

Find out what kind of classic leading man you’d make by taking the
Classic Leading Man Test.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 36% on grit
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~FOs 2004






Telegraph | News | Twenty wounded in Israel suicide bombing

Telegraph | News | Twenty wounded in Israel suicide bombing

A Palestinian suicide bomber has blown himself up in southern Israel, injuring at least 20 people.

It is the first suicide attack in Israel since the withdrawal of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip last week.

There has been no claim of responsibility, but the Islamic Jihad group recently vowed to avenge the deaths of five Palestinians killed in a raid on a militant hideout in the West Bank city of Tulkarm three days ago.

Is this where we get to say “toldjah so”? This is just despicable and so very sad.

Well, instead of finishing

the pants, I went to town with my mom. I got curtain rods for the curtains I got from freecycle months ago. Then I came home and changed the blog. Did you notice?

Oh, I also did major work on the finished objects pages. You can find links in the right sidebar. Those pages are commentable, if you have a word for me.

My house is *seriously* a wreck.

I have turned my css over to someone who may be able to finish tweaking it just the way I want which is full white screen, with the sidebars a touch wider, and the center also wider than the original css. The version you see now was hacked by me, and, umm, it’s not quite right :)

So, cleaning house and finishing pants is the agenda for me. Dh will be fixing the van, and assorted other honey-dos.

~FOs 2005

Crusher hat for a Christmas gift, and 2 more midwife hats 12/31/2005

Easter hat for DD#4 12/28/2005

One more hat for the baby 12/28/2005

Hat for the baby and swatches for classes 12/25-26/2005

15 hats I’ll take to the midwife when I see her in January 12/2005

Finally you get to see the blanket!

It does hang down on the sides of the bed, but I did the best I could getting the pics.

DD#1 socks 12/24/2005

DD#3 socks 12/23/2005

Easter Dress for DD#4 (from 2006 list) 12/21/2005

Ornament for DD#1 12/19/2005

Dh’s Christmas blanket 12/14/2005 Pic coming

4 Stockings 12/13/2005

Dh’s sweater 12/11/2005

Karaoke Demo 12/5/2005

One for a dear friend, mine, and one for the ornament exchange 12/5/2005

DS#1’s ornament 11/30/2005

Dh’s ornament 11/29/2005

Here’s the first ornament, for DD#3. 11/28/2005

Bamboo Baby Demo 11/25/2005

Jill’s Custom Pants 11/25/2005

God’s Stole 11/23/2005

12 hats for the midwife delivered 11/23/2005

DD#4’s baby blanket 11/20/2005

Santana Demo 11/19/2005

Hat for new babe 11/18/2005

My tam and scarf 11/16/2005

November’s Dulaan work. 11/13/2005
I’ll finish the fourth hat with scraps I generate.

Jenn’s pants 11/11/2005
Custom order

DS#2’s tam 11/8/2005.

Closeup of top

DD#2’s hat 11/6/2005

Ann’s (un)felted basket 11/5/2005

Stocking for DS#3 11/2/2005

Stocking for DS#2 11/2/2005

Stocking for DS#1 11/1/2005

Set for the new baby 10/31/2005.

Close-up of sweater.

My tam 10/24/2005 I’ll be making a scarf to match.

10 hats for the midwife 10/20/2005

DD#3 Christmas Stocking 10/20/2005

DD#2 Christmas Stocking 10/20/2005

DD#4 pants from this summer’s shorts 10/19/2005

Hidden Treasure Pants 10/17/2005
Custom order

Second Santa Train Set 10/16/2005

Kat’s Cargo pants 10/6/2005
Custom order knitted and dyed by me!

Scrappy Pants! 10/6/2005
Not the prettiest pants on the block perhaps, but they have a story to tell.

Paula’s First Pants 10/4/2005

Santa Set I 9/30/2005

Collar in Dune 9/25/2005

The Janey 9/16/2005

Fire! Sweater for DS#2 9/16/2005
Never fear, the fireman is here!

Vest for Afghans for Afghans 9/7/2005

Custom Bear Pants 9/1/2005

Sockapal2za Socks 8/25/05
These socks feel delish on the feet, but alas and alack, I must send them away.

Feather and Fan Cape
This was a lot of fun to make, and I think the recipient will really like it.

July 30 Custom Pants

July 27 Shorts for DD#4

ugly hat
July 20 World’s Ugliest Hat

July 16 Boys’ Tams

nb shorts
July 12 HSY pieces

nb soaker
July 12 HSY pieces

July 11 socks for DD#2

July 7 Sweater for DS#3

July 7 Sweater for DS#3. This is a modified BSJ, made with Andean Silk and Andean Silk Twist

kate capris
July 6 These are a custom order, Party Capris, made with Montana yarn, hand dyed by me.

These were stocked, made with Cascade Ecowool, hand dyed by me.

r sweater
July 1 Sweater for DS#1, made with Andean Silk and Silk Twist from Knitpicks and 6 -ply from HPY.

June 25 Custom Soaker

castle soaker

June 22 Hats for Afghanistan


June 21 Pillow modeled by DS#3


June 27

custom set

The soaker is Cascade Eco, dyed by me, and I dyed the cotton shirt to match.

This was a birthday present for DD#3. I dyed both these yarns. The body is Texas, and the border is Toaga.

June 16A Mohair Moebius

This was actually knit moebius-ly, with the needles curling in on themselves and everything. Each round added 2 rows to the shawl. It was great fun. DD17 helped me choose the colors for the dyeing.

June 14

This is in the blessing drawer.

Set for DD#4, on hundred percent plastic, but I LOVE the colors!

June 11

Dulaan Project things

Patchy blanket for the living room

June 7 Squares for Warm Up America and hat fro friend


jon hat

June 5 Blessing Set and Sweater for DD#2

Made with Lion Brand Jiffy

Made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease

June 3 Sweater Set for DD#3

100% RedHeart plastic

May 30 Dulaan hats


May 26 Felted bag, Before and After

31 x 26

22 x 18

May 20 Felted baskets, Before and After, Neckwarmer


May 18

Custom Shorts

Prayer Shawl

May 12 Hats


Blessing Drawer

Posted May 5

Cotton hat

Socks for DD#1

Custom order

April 22 First Ever SOCKS!

This was the beginning of an addiction, foisted upon me by Carla

DD#1 on April 23. I made her, too.

April 23 Custom Shorts

April 14 “The Thing”

Made completely from that furry yarn. What a hoot! Amazing shape shifting properties :)

April 13

Dino soaker for store

Custom shorts


April 8 Custom Shorts

April 4 Seaside Set

March 30 Customs

Sammy the Snail

Girls Rock

Mar 11 Custom Set

Feb 19 Crappy Pic, Lovely Set

Feb 17 Thomas Shorts for Store

Feb 4 Bee-Butt Shorts

From CNN – Georgia’s voter ID law approved – Aug 26, 2005
Georgia’s voter ID law approved
Only state to require photo ID at polls; other ID’s not enough

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department on Friday approved a controversial Georgia law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls, and opponents immediately vowed to challenge the measure in federal court.

The decision, written by John Tanner, chief of the department’s voting section, says that while Attorney General Alberto Gonzales doesn’t object to the law, approval doesn’t preclude lawsuits against it.

The Republican-backed measure sparked racial tension during the state’s legislative session last spring. Most of Georgia’s black lawmakers walked out at the state Capitol when it was approved.

Oh, that’s mature.

Democrats had argued the idea was a political move by the GOP to depress voting among minorities, the elderly and the poor — all traditional bases for Democrats.

Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, a veteran of the civil rights movement, said, “It is unbelievable, it is unreal the Department of Justice — an agency who is supposed to protect the American public by enforcing the Voting Rights Act of 1965 — is now involved in attempts to weaken the act.

“This decision takes us back to the dark past of literacy tests and other insidious devices that were carefully devised to hamper the participation of all of our citizens in the political process,” Lewis said.

Oh, yes, because it’s so hard to get a photo ID.

The new Georgia law also allows people to vote absentee without an excuse, and for a longer period. Those votes by mail would not require a picture ID. Political observers say Republicans tend to benefit the most from absentee balloting.

Two words: mail box!

Force feed the Murderer

ROCKVILLE, Maryland (AP) — A judge allowed corrections officials to forcibly feed convicted sniper John Allen Muhammad while he awaits trial in the county for six October 2002 killings.

Muhammad had not eaten anything since being transferred to the Montgomery County, Maryland, jail on Monday, corrections officials said in court documents filed Thursday.

He was apparently upset with the food he was being served and the handling of his legal material.

Doctors had concluded that Muhammad, 44, was at risk of serious injury or death of he continued his hunger strike, corrections officials said.

Judge James L. Ryan issued an order allowing officials at the county jail to forcibly feed and hydrate him.

I just find this amazing, in the same country that starved Terri Schiavo to death. I mean… well, never mind, cause if you don’t get it, bless your heart, I can’t explain it.

Texas Execution??

HOUSTON, Texas (AP) — Lawyers for a death row inmate asked the Texas parole board Wednesday to commute her sentence and stop the lethal injection that would make her only the third woman executed in the state since the Civil War.

Frances Newton, 40, is scheduled to die Sept. 14 for the 1987 shooting deaths of her husband and two children. She has denied any role in the killings and says a drug dealer she knew only as Charlie may have been responsible.

In their petition to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, two lawyers with the Texas Innocence Network argue Newton’s guilt is in doubt because she had incompetent legal help at her 1988 trial, the state mishandled evidence, and her defense wasn’t told about a second gun at the scene.

Last winter, Newton came within two hours of execution before Gov. Rick Perry gave her a 120-day reprieve to allow more evidence testing.

I’ll be watching this one.

Like this?

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