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Better Today!

I am feeling much less overwhelmed today. I re-did the chore chart so that I did not have to be everywhere in the house at once (duh!), and simplified it a bit. This morning, the tidies are done, and the dryer and washer are both going :)

I thought I’d get one more caffeine hit, and introduce you to a few more knitters before I start school.

Sarah has a newsy blog. Unfortunately, she’s starring in her own version of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Ruth has a picture rich blog. She recently took a trip to Lambtown. That entry is a must-see for the fiber addicted among us. You We know who you we are.

Catherine at Bossy Little Dog has recently started a new job. This is a blog about her life, and includes knitting. Expect to find a bit of everything here. I’ll even forgive her politics, because she writes so well. Beware, she occasionally uses some salt!

Terri at the spinningwheelsure makes some pretty yarn goodness. Check out this entry, no words– just pics from fleece to swatch! Yummy!

kNiThEaD is a funny gal with lots of adventures, not all of them knitting related.

KnitSteph has started a lovely Flower Basket Shawl I’ll enjoy watching the progress on this.

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