sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Well, instead of finishing

the pants, I went to town with my mom. I got curtain rods for the curtains I got from freecycle months ago. Then I came home and changed the blog. Did you notice?

Oh, I also did major work on the finished objects pages. You can find links in the right sidebar. Those pages are commentable, if you have a word for me.

My house is *seriously* a wreck.

I have turned my css over to someone who may be able to finish tweaking it just the way I want which is full white screen, with the sidebars a touch wider, and the center also wider than the original css. The version you see now was hacked by me, and, umm, it’s not quite right :)

So, cleaning house and finishing pants is the agenda for me. Dh will be fixing the van, and assorted other honey-dos.

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