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Just Another Day in Paradise

Knitting night!! Yay me! And dh was home early, so I left early, planning to hit the bookstore, grab a bite, and then knit. Stopped and picked up Jenna on the way. Drove to the bookstore. Yay me! Picked up a couple we needed for school, one for me

(Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon. First book of the best series ever. Yes, I have already read it. Yes, I actually *own* a copy of the UK version. But this one, it’s one of those slick, almost hard backs. The super-size paperbacks that actually STAY OPEN. Woot!)

and 3 big fat history books, one an eyewitness account of Hitler’s Germany, one biography of Nicholas and Alexandra, and a book of a book of original documents related to America. These are FAT books. Thick books. Books that only a real geek would read, bwahahahaha. And it was buy 2, get 1 free. How can I pass history at buy 2, get 1?

So, next, bite to eat, right? Oh, so very, very wrong! Next up, van will not start. Finally get it started, drive about 20 yards, and it died. Dead. It died pure-t dead. Finally some guys pushed it into a parking spot, and there it sits.

Jenna’s mom came after us. After all, Dh was home with all the kids, right? AND, in case I did not mention it, all the car seats were in the van anyway.

Out to knitting group. The lady who had needed my help was not there, so I said I was having a horrible night, jumped back in with Jenna and her mom, and we all left. We were just gonna skip it, but on the way back, decided to drop Jenna’s mom back home and at least go get something to eat. On the way to get the food, Jenna really wants to go to knitting group, so fine, Burger King, and then we’ll go knit.

Burger King. Yumminess of food. I carefully fold my paper over the bottom of my burger so as not to spill anything on my *white* shirt. White. Did ya get that? So, half through the wonderful burger, I glance down and there is red stuff. on. my. shirt. Recheck paper, yes, it’s there, eat. Check again, huge red mess on myself. I had, boys and girls, managed to create a FUNNEL with the paper, so that every time I tipped the burger to bite it, I was POURING red sauce down my front. Sigh.

On to knitting group. The lady who needed me had pulled in as we were pulling out. The ladies there did not understand what I said as I was running out the first time, and had called home to see if they could help me in any way. We had good laughs over all this. They know I always bring Dh’s cell phone with me on knitting nights. Yes. Except for tonight. Yes.

I did help the lady. I did lust over some Cherry Tree Hill. I did finish the leg on sock pal’s sock, I did work on my custom. And, Oh Virginia, I went to Krispy Kreme and the HOT SIGN WAS ON. I had 2. They were so good. They just kinda made the whole rotten evening an “interesting experience” instead of a “demon-driven night from the pit”.

Anyway, here was my lovely shirt.
Ruined Shirt

Oh, frustration update. Today was MUCH better :)

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