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It’s hot!

Man, is it ever hot! I spent a lot of the day with my mom. We went for Chinese food, then to ACMoore, when I found some Auracania Nature Wool on clearance. In beautiful greens. Then to Wal-Mart for some stuff. Now, I find out I needed filters for the a/c, but I did not know that. So, I did not get any.

My friend Ann, who I have talked about before, has received pretty devastating news this week-end. On Thursday, her husband had “the flu”, and on Friday was much worse, and coughing blood. They went to the ER, and he has a mass behind his heart, wrapped around his windpipe and some major arteries. They are awaiting the results of a needle biopsy, but the doctors are pretty sure it’s cancer, and inoperable. She’s just stunned, of course, and he is too. He is on morphine for pain, and the hospital social worker has been by to explain how to apply for several types of aid. All in all, it doesn’t look very good.

Very limited surfing today, so no news tid-bits for ya.

I did start a log cabin scrap-ghan. It will grow slowly, if I do anything more with it at all. I don’t know.

I am working on a square for the cotton patch blanket. It was just too hot tonight to have a wool sweater on my lap.

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