sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Here I sit at 8:20. I am dressed, there is oatmeal thickening on the stove, and I am on my second cup of coffee. I have my chore list pulled up, and have done a couple of items on it. I just decided to do the Holiday Grand Plan to get ready for Christmas.

Van update: Dh replaced the battery, and the thing started up just fine–once. The machine at AutoZone says nothing is wrong with it. Hmmph. He’s already told me he will be working late tonight, so I have no idea when I will have my van back. I won’t drive it until it starts *reliably*.

We got the curtains up, and I like them.

I finished the pants, and they are washed and drying. I’ll knit the embellishment tonight, when I can follow a pattern. It’s a cross-stitch pattern, and I have to pay attention :) The vest is nearly to the point that I divide for fronts and back. I anticipate getting pretty close to finished with it today.

Let me tell you a funny story of my curtain rod adventure. Here is the set-up. I am a short person, think size of young teen. You cannot tell I am pregnant unless you face me full on. And the joys of pregnancy have made my skin look, well, like a young teen. I can only assume this, based on what happened. So, I am standing in front of the curtain rods, with the first package in my fist, reading the second package to make sure it is the right size, and I hear a man beside me say “I need to get there” in that way that plainly says “you are in my way–so move already”. I glance from the corner of my eye, see no blood dripping on the floor, and say “well, that’s good” or somesuch, and start pulling my selected 4 foot (that’s telescoped, they stretch to 7) rods out of the rack. So the man says, “Here, I’ll help you”, and starts pulling the rods out. I say “thank you” and put my rods in the cart and start to roll away. Whereupon, the man moves *at least a foot* down the rack from where I was so obviously *not in his way* and starts looking at the rods there. Hey, Mister! Why didn’t you go around me instead of……. treating me like some Wal-Mart interloper?

The princess has awakened. Time to warm up the milk machine.

The children are eating, and then we will get on chores and school.

Update: OOPs! The children are not eating. I have been informed that there are bugs in the oatmeal. I’m not quite sure how that happened, since the oats were in tupperware.

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