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Monday again!

How come every week has a Monday? I am feeling rebellious today, and do not want to get back into the grind. Maybe this second cup of coffee will help.

I did get another stripe in the charity sweater last night. Well, 2, but one came out, so the grand total was 1. I am betting I will have to buy more yarn for this, to do the stripes like I want to do them. I really set myself up on this round of projects. 1 large shawl, 2 sweaters, and a baby blanket, plus a couple other items. I musta been insane! I can’t see anyway that I’ll be done this month with all of it.

I changed my mind on the scrap-ghan. Log cabins really need some amount of planning, which really defeats teh purpose of “scrap”, doesn’t it? I re-crocheted the scraps into a squar-ish shape that I can just go round and round on. I may change my mind yet again, as I had forgotten that I had started a pillow cover with scraps. I may rip it again, and finish that. Or not. I may rip the pillow out cover out instead. Who knows what crazy thing I will take it into my head to do!

I will be working on this custom order for most of the day. Then this evening, more on the charity thing. I did go through my WIP book, and only 2 things have deadlines. The sweater and the sock pal sock.

I’ve been emailing with Ann, and she is really struggling with this situation.

I got to page 40 in my book last night. The heroine has now me the hero. I am sure enjoying re-meeting old friends. I use the Charlotte Mason method in our school. This is very short lessons, over small amounts of material, with narration. It really helps retention. I can understand that, reading this book this way. I am noticing details that I missed in my 3 or 4 previous speed reads.

This has sure been a ramble. My mind goes like this all the time! My cup of coffee is almost gone. I am no more motivated than when I started, so I suppose I will just have to make myself do it. I think it’s about time for a pic, don’t you? I’ll post one of the charity thing tomorrow. I really need to come up with a name for it, don’t I? What about “striped vest”, cause I really don’t think I’ll have time for sleeves. So tomorrow, pic of the striped vest, yes, ok?

I also need to introduce you to some more knitters.

And P.S., I checked the queue on Knitting Blogs today, and I am just 8 sites down the list. Woohoo!

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