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February 14-17, 2005

Feb 17

Finally a picture of something.  This is not the custom I warned you was coming by the way.  See, no sweater?  ROFL!

Feb 16
I did move the bassinet out of my room ;(. The pak’n’play is in there now. I suppose I’ll need to bring the play center out of the shed this weekend. I also unpacked the baby’s diaper bag, and put those too small clothes away. It’s bittersweet. How fast they grow! Where does the time go? She has been with us almost 9 months, and it’s all a blur.

Moving the pak’n’play did open up the living room a bit more. So that the threadbare spots on the carpet are much more noticeable, LOL! One day, I shall replace it with wood flooring. Yes, I shall! I’ll do the kitchen linoleum at the same time.

I should finish the knitting on the custom sweater today. It’s cute. It has taken a bit longer than normal, because I wrote down each step as I did it. It takes a good bit of work to get what is in my head into a form that others can use. I am not there yet, but I do have good notes to at least start getting the pattern in saleable form. Just in time for summer, woohoo!

Feb 15

I am pleased to report that the party on Saturday Night was such a success that dd16 has already scheduled the next TWO of them.

I am less pleased to report that at 3 days short of nine months, the baby has officially outgrown the bassinet. Only because she can kick the bottom and end up with her head pressed against the top. She’s a long lean baby machine!

Today I have another headache, and also a scratchy throat. One would think I would remember the allergy meds BEFORE I feel like this. One would, alas, be wrong.

Dear IRS:
You have now withheld my tax refund erroneously for three years, to the tune of xx,000 dollars. No, that’s not a typo. I have filed the necessary paperwork to force you to return that money. Seeing as how the head gasket is blown in my van, and my husband has to stop every few minutes to pour water into it, and seeing as how I am behind on my house payment, we, the undersigned would appreciate it if you could return the money in only 3 times the amount of time it took you to wrongfully take it.

And there you have it, the Darrow report for February 15th!

Feb 14



Of course, it helps if you know in advance that your dinner guest is Jewish, right? Not, like, after 3 or 4 dinner visits????

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