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Cape is done!


DD#3 called me an angel. DD#2 thought a bat was more appropriate. You tell me 😛

Pictures taken by DD#2
This was knit flat, based on the pattern “Feather and Fan Shawl in A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen. I cast on the neck stitches, and worked several rows in garter. As the yarns got fatter the needle sizes increased, going gradually from 3-10. I worked a garter neck band in the first yarn at the top, and kept a 5 stitch garter border at each side.
The cape contains 10 yarns, in this order:

  • Filati Bamboo, 20 rows, om size 3s
  • GGH Mystick, 18 rows, 3s
  • Dale Svale, 16 rows, 5s
  • Cascade Pearls, 14 rows, 7s
  • Elsebeth Lavold Patine, 12 rows, 8s
  • Cascade Invito, 10 rows, 8s
  • At this point I started running out of the yarns before I got the number of rows I had planned to do knitted, so I did fewer rows than planned.

  • Cascade Cotton Rich, 5 roes, 10s
  • Ornaghifilati Positano, 4 rows, 10s
  • GGH Esprit, 4 rows, 11s
  • All these, except the Svale, came in the creme de la creme yarn pak from One Fine Yarn.

    The final yarn is Knitpicks Shine Twist in Romance. I crocheted down one side of the cape, used a crocheted cast off to remove the cape from the needles, back up the other side and across the neckband. I then went around one more time. Then I added ties at the neck.

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