sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


It’s Monday morning. DD#4 kept us up most of the night, so I am more or less a zombie. My eyes are swollen and scratchy, and I can’t really think. Hoping the coffee helps.

I have been winging the days lately instead of following my massive list. Today, I am going back to the list. I hate the list. It’s incredibly long, and ……I just hate being told what to do, even though I am the one that made the list in the first place. But, the house is slipping into chaos, school is falling through the cracks, and the mental nagging of “you forgot something” is making me nuts. So, back to the list. After more coffee.

I am also going to dye yarn for a custom today, and hopefully finish up typing in the details of the lace cape :) I think it is dry now. I’ll post that here, and on the FO page.

Now, more coffee.

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