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September 2004

Sept 21

Been busy around here!  Schooling, cleaning, living.  Woke up Sunday realizing I had been depressed for ..a long time.  Probably years.  And got delivered.  No other way to explain it.  In church we sang “Because He Lives”, and I just realized, that’s the important thing.  I don’t need to worry about anything else.  Because THAT settles everything else!

So, I am living again, enjoying my kids again, liking my life again.  For the first time in a very LONG time.  Sola Gloris Dios!

Sept 18

Dyed with Real Dye!

I dyed cotton yesterday, for the first time!  It was fun, and I enjoyed it.  So I added it to the store.  Now folks can have wool and cotton, HEE!

Sept 16
Well, I am still here! My Grandmother moved in with my mom last week, so I spent a lot of time over there, helping clear out her storage room. Wow, she has a lot of stuff, does my mother. Then that motivated me to do some stuff here at home, so I spent a good bit of time on that. All my “flat spots” had attracted piles of clutter, and they had been that way so long that I quit noticing. I sure noticed after I got back from Mama’s. Nothing like facing an entire ROOM stuffed with “I’ll take care of it later” to inspire one to put out litte fires before they blaze up, eh?

In biz news, I have started playing with fiber re-active dyes. It’s kinda fun! Definite learning curve, but fun now that I have a basic idea. Just about caught up with customs, and have the orders for my next few. We added several new yarns to our repetoire including Cascade Eco Wool. I am excited to work with it and see if it lives up to all the hype. I actually have a dye order for it, as well as a knitting order.

School is going well. The 4 year old started when we did, and he just loves it. They always do. The 6yo now reads 4 letter words–NO, NOT THAT KIND!

The 9 and 11yo schloof off whenever they can, hehe. They still fail to realize that it all will get done and they are just eating up their break week.

The baby weighs over 8 pounds now, and she is just gorgeous! Cooing a bit, and a definite thumb sucker! I think she’s gonna be left handed even, and DH is very excited about that!

Hope to add some pics soon.

Sept 9

Sept 1

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