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June 2004

Jun 29 2004
OK, rounded up some materials to cover Language with: Being a book hound does have its benefits! I am actually getting a little excited. I will sit down this weekend and work on it. I also want to add some life skills into our days. I mean, not on the fly, but actually PLANNING to teach the children practical stuff they need to know. And, I want to play music this year, as well. A CD a day, like a vitamin, LOL! I plan to start next week, so I better get on the stick, huh?

9yo’s birthday sweater is too small. Unfortunately, it was almost finished. Even worse, her birthday is already passed. Sigh.

Had a bit of fun poking around xanga today while feeding the baby.

I read about other schooler’s days, sometimes. They seem to go at such a relaxed pace, and yet get so much done. Life here is so frenetic in comparison, it seems, and not nearly as much gets done. There has to be a key. What is it? Planning? Execution? Giving up naps for mom? Say it ain’t so!

So, where is the balance for me, really? Teaching, housework, my biz, just being mom. It seems like one area or another is always slipping. That makes me feel incompetent, like I should be able to do it all. Yet, every day, I have a list of things as long as my arm that I have accomplished. And I still feel like I am failing my children. Enough~!

June 28 2004
Why did I say “daily yarns from cass”? I don’t have stuff to say everyday!

I am locked in a power struggle with a ten year old. How did this happen? She knows everything already. I mean I did not start thinking my mom was stupid until I was at least 13. What’s up with this? Well, here’s fair warning: I INTEND TO WIN!!!!!!!!

Still trying to get things together for this year’s Language. I have gotten the grammar part (using KISS), and will probably look at the Abeka scope and sequence for the rest. Or perhaps the Spectrum books. We’ll see. But I can definately wing English better than Math, so Math is where I will be putting the money. As soon as we get some, that is .

I have a little while to get it together, there are pages of review material in the backs of last year’s books.

June 27 2004

I walked into my kitchen just now, and was greeted by the slightly overwhelming smell of wet sheep and vinegar. I am dyeing again, for the first time in a couple of months. A sure sign that life will eventually return to what is normal for me. Now, normal for me is just one step away from chaos.

I also have several knitting projects going. One custom order, one instock and a sweater for dd, whose b-day was last Thursday. Hey–it’s almost done!

Nough for now!

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