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July 2004

July 30

Hey!  Lookie at this:


I am knitting today with our new yarn.  It is yarn I have used before, and it feels so good!

July 28

Well, hecky-darn-O!  I have had a rotten time with customs this week.  Look at this:

Isn’t he cute?  Too bad I made a math error and the seam is IN THE FRONT!   It’s in the store.  On sale. I want someone to buy it, cause it almost makes me cry to look at it.  Waaaahhh.

Then there is the dragonfly I tried to embroider on a pair of shorts.  What a laugh.  I will be cutting it out, and starting over.  In my defense on that one, it is my first whack at free hand embroidery.

On a positive note, we did get the new yarn!  Wonderfully soft stuff.  I dyed a hank in rainbow, and it came out so pretty.    Also dyed a whole hank of our regular stuff to make long pants for the toddler for winter.  It came out really nice.  I have such fun with the dyes!

We have a sample coming for yet another yarn.  And I am knitting the prototype for a new size!  Oh, yes, baaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa we are on the move at

July 24

I have had my grandmother here with me this week. She had cataract surgery on Monday, and has to have eyedrops 6 times a day. It never fails to be drop-time and feed-the-babe time at the same time. The good news is that I have discovered that if I don’t eat, I don’t have to go to the bathroom

We had a good school week anyway.

And a good biz week. We are looking at getting a couple of new yarns for the site, and also made a coherent price chart for all our products.

Knitting wise, I am embroidering in the details on the polar bear pants. I have to admit I had my doubts. I had to alter the chart to begin with. Then the pants are knit top down, so I ended up with a mirror image. Not a big sweat to knit, but I did have to rip out some embroidery before I realized it. Picture a blank white space, and making a bear out of a blob by drawing lines. I am very happy to report that with a little less than half the embroidery done, I can actually almost see a bear there!

We cleaned the kitchen today. Totally cleared, cleaned and re-organized the counter tops. DDs polished the wood tableand chairs. Looks great except for the floor. I will have to mop it, but I am waiting until DH goes to the store, as I am out of dish soap. Considering I also use that for the laundry in adition to the floor, and we used every dishrag we have this morning, I guess he needs to hurry. What do I use on dishes? Automatic dish washing detergent, you silly goose!

July 19

Today, my 6yo son got 10 stitches in his eyebrow.  Same eyebrow he busted open a few years ago.  How did he do this, you ask?  Standing on the toilet, (which I told him not to do) trying to wash off the leg he had scraped bouncing on the tree roots outside (which I told him not to do)  Bricks, he has bricks for a head.  But they are covered in free bleeding flesh..

Did a lot of dyeing over the weekend, mostly custom orders. “Messed up”  2 hanks of yarn.  Pretty, but not what the customer ordered.  Oh, well, that means I get to keep them.

I finally got to go to church.  I have been housebound since the babe came.  So yesterday, she finally weighed enough for me to take her out.  She was 2 months old.

Yes, I made that!

July 14
Today for the first time, all my little people, including the babe, took a nap at the same time!! Yippee for me! I sat and knat. Yeah I know that’s not really a word, but I laugh everytime I say or type it.

July 10
We got through the week! School went well. Monday, we are almost up to full load. I am hopeful that it will continue to go well. I will be adding a couple more things, but they are small.

I had fun dyeing more yarn, got a couple new colors! I still have a couple more to try, and had thought I would get to it today, but that did not happen.

I did a new thing this morning. I made everybody work while I worked. It was great–the housework was basically done by noon, and I got to play this afternoon, too. Usuually, I am still slogging alone trying to do it myself long into the day. We will continue this approach! After all, the whole family lives here, and it is not MY stuff spread all over the house.

I have another experiment brewing. I ran out of yarn before I was finished knitting. So I had to use a different color. I am now overdying the whole thing. I hope it works, and will post my results.

My computer is acting flaky, and I need to move on to other things, like feeding the babe!

July 6
Baby stalled out on her weight again.

Good news is: we will be able to make some headway on the mortgage this week. That’s always good. I like living here!

Just not alot to talk about today. A good day, a productive day, just not alot to say.

July 5
We did start start school today, oh yes we did!! I overslept by 2+ hours, so it was a good thing that we had a light day. I was able to keep us moving along pretty well, reading while I fed baby. We’ll see what happens once we hit full load.

I have a creative moment to report. My children enjoy bubbles, as do all children. Right now, my 10yo and 9yo are inthe kitchen, experimenting with different…uh….wands would be what you called it if it came from the bubble bottle. But they are using napkin rings and slotted spoons, etc.

I did a bunch of dyeing over the weekend. That was fun. I did custom orders, and some for me to knit with also. Looking forward to getting some of that on the needles! We stocked some soakers this weekend. People want long pants in the store, so Carla and I talked about that. We decided not to do it, because of the time investment. Say, we spend 15 hours or so knitting a pair. Then they are the wrong color for this person, the wrong size for that one. Oops, too long for her, too short for him. ACH~! Better to leave pants for custom work, soakers and shorts for the store.

Well, enough chatter!

July 1
Life rolls on! I looked some more at the Language, and still do not have it firmed up. I think I will have to spend some time with it on Friday night (late) or Saturday morning. But it must be time when I can THINK, not spin my wheels trying to get 48 other things done. Did I mention I want to start school on Monday?

Babe has been fussy now for 2 days. Awake quite a bit more than she has been, which is good, but eat, eat, eating, which means I don’t get much else done. Actually, truly today has been better than yesterday (you will notice there is no entry yesterday?????). But she is my most important job right now. And the other children would just as soon I NOT find time to work on lesson plans, though they really like for me to find time to wash their socks! Funny how that works.

Well, I need to get up while babe is still asleep and get some other stuff done. Right now, I am avoiding cleaning the frig. And boy, does it need it

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